Professional Credentials are the proof of expertise in specific profession. These are the professional designation which any professional can use beside their name.

To advance in a particular career field, having a specific set of certifications is of utmost importance. As your career develops, you may benefit from earning a new or higher-level certification related to a particular area of expertise. When it comes to new employees, the value of certification cannot be overstated. You can demonstrate immediate professional credibility by earning a specific certificate and additional certifications from the same provider. We at IPMA provide various professional credentials to help you in your development.

  • Certified Professional in Project Management[CPPM]
  • Certified Emerging Professional in Project Management[CEPPM]
  • Certified Senior Professional in Project Management[CSPPM]
  • Certified Fellow Professional in Project Management[CFPPM]

Professional Credentials:

Functional Credentials:

Functional Credentials are the proof of function specific expertise. Every profession has some specific function and also function wise Role. This Functional Credentials helps the incumbent to proof about the expertise in each specific function or in the specific Functional Role. IPMA offers the below mentioned Functional Credentials for incumbent involved in project management areas.

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