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Training and learning professionals deserve to be recognized for their hard work, which is why we are a professional organization dedicated to driving training standards.

What Is IPMA Accreditation?

IPMA certification is the most comprehensive method for accrediting business and management education institutions worldwide. Students, teachers, employers, and the media are all aware of it and often need it as a condition of access to rankings.

It is possible to show that your course is of the highest quality and that you are a top training provider in the field of business and administrative management by obtaining IPMA Accreditation.


Who Is the IPMA Accreditation Scheme Designed For?

Any organization that provides training within the scope of our expertise is eligible to apply for IPMA accreditation. These include project management companies, professional associations, as well as training departments, and suppliers.

Benefits Of IPMA Accreditation


Organizations that will be authorized will incur these benefits:

  • In accordance with IPMA corporate branding requirements, they are permitted to use the IPMA emblem on papers and websites pertaining to their approved program.
  • Our approach demonstrates our dedication to promoting an innovative and challenging environment, and it motivates business schools to maintain their high standards of performance.
  • It brings international credibility and gives an assurance of quality.
  • Regular checks will allow your company to strive for excellence and make necessary improvements on each accreditation visit.
  • With accreditation, you become a member of a thriving network of different communities from all over the world that share their best practices and learn from one another.


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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.