What is the process of getting Accredited?


Follow these steps to get Accredited:

Step 1- Get accustomed to the rules

A business development manager will meet with you to explore your requirements and your preparedness to apply for accreditation once you register your interest.

Step 2- Submit the application.

It would help if you were as thorough as possible while filling out the application form and included any relevant information.

Step 3- Evaluation

As part of the evaluation process, a site visit is often scheduled.

Step 4- Decision

We'll let you know as soon as we know anything. You'll get a copy of the report, as well as guidance on what has to be done to fulfil accreditation criteria, if necessary.

Step 5- Re-evaluation

If your application is rejected, our chief assessor will evaluate it. Your assessment report and recommendations for improvement will be given to you if they agree with your choice. You have unlimited opportunities to resubmit your entry.

Step 6- Renewal

Annual renewal is in place, and the system is in place to make the process as smooth as possible.

To ensure that the requirements recognized during your first assessment have been upheld, you will get a renewal notification and charge on the anniversary of your certification. A comprehensive reassessment will be offered to you once a year.

Step 7- Celebrate the accreditation.

Once you are accredited, we will send you a comprehensive report and a guide to making the best of it.

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